Our Inspiration


At LowCo. Wax & Gown we are inspired to uplift and encourage. The Lowcountry is our muse. Folk magic, earth healing, traditional southern medicine, and African traditions inform our “high vibration goods.” Each crystal healing candle and textile design is crafted with intention and ceremonially laced with affirmations, magical realism, and the desire for the end-user to connect to their highest self. 

About Dejon (Creator & Creative Director)

LowCo. Wax & Gown was birthed during Dejon's role as a Savannah Art and Design Alumni Atelier ambassador in Savannah, GA. The initial product line of "high vibration goods" (wax recipes and gowns) were created to help users manifest their deepest desires by inducing a mind, body, and spiritual connection through contact with candles and wearable garments. Dejon approaches her work through the lens and hands of her alter ego, Nadine.

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