A Note from the Creative Director/ Creator


Welcome! This shop embraces high vibration living and limitless thinking. All crystal healing candles and textile designs and are inspired by the energy, flora, fauna, and history of the Lowcountry.


I refer to candles as "wax recipes" and I call my custom printed robes "gowns". All products created in my studio are a collaborative effort between myself and my alter-ego, Nadine. Nadine allows me to creatively intertwine history, magical realism, folk remedies, and growth mindset techniques into each creation. I describe Nadine as the creator of "modern folk magic".


Belief is the key ingredient behind each intentional product. The design process begins with a positive intention for the end-user. Next, I decide how to best help my customers manifest this intention for themselves. This could manifest as a wax recipe to draw harmony or a colorful textile inspired by palm fronds and ocean waves.  Finally, I roll up my sleeves and dive into creation mode! 

With gratitude and high vibrations, 

~ Dejon