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Welcome to Intentional Creation

Hello! I am incredibly excited to start posting regular content that will have you saying phrases like,

"I have to find out how she did that"

"I can't wait to try that"

"... Now I get it"

My intention is to create an inclusive blog, where people who believe in the power of manifestation and high vibration living feel at home. I'll share tons of behind the scenes photos and videos from my brand new product line, LowCo. Wax & Gown LLC and resources for operating in "highest self mode".

For the past several months I have been in deep creation mode (my vortex), making hand poured candles that I call Wax Recipes and custom printed robes. Each robe is referred to as a Gown and sewn with my custom fabric prints and the colors that are giving my life right now!

Wax recipes are available online at and locally at Shop SCAD in Savannah, GA. Gowns are availabe by request.

I dropped a short video below to help you get to know me and see a little behind the scenes action in the studio where my brand got started!

Until our next encounter,

Dejon -

#welcometomyblog #behindthescens #candlecreation #highvibrationliving

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