Classic Collection Gift Set - (3) 3 oz wax recipes with wood wick + crystals

[Set of 3 hand-poured - apricot and coconut wax wit wood wick and crystal healing elements]


Moonlight - high vibration candle - Scent: Coriander, Sage, Whiskey - Burn to draw love, wisdom, and welcome new beginnings.


Palmetto Dawn - high vibration candle - Scent: Rosemary, Pine, Peach - Burn to cleanse energy, draw fortune, and increase focus.


High Tide - high vibration candle - Scent: Sea Salt, Lily, Lavender - Burn to promote harmony, peaceful moments, and a calm spirit.


Receive the healing properties of Amethyst and Clear Quartz as your wax recipe burns:


Amethyst = raise spiritual awareness, positive transformation, relieves stress

Chakras - Third Eye Chakra

Vibration - Number 3

Birthstone - February


Clear Quartz = clarity, harmony

Chakras - Crown Chakra

Vibration - Number 4

Birthstone - April

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