She Inspires Literary Candle - Alice, Octavia, Toni, Zora

From our mother’s bookshelves, to college classrooms, to reading circles, these women have made a powerful impact. They’ve spoken truth to power throughout generations and left us with the sweet smell of freedom, imagination, dignity, and strength. You are invited to shower yourself in the fragrance of fresh gardenia with a lemon zest background or coconut-lime with a velvet undertone of vanilla. Go grab a novel or begin studying  the lives of these powerful women. While you’re at it, reflect on your own power and gifts.


Garnished with: 

Selenite: mental clarity, peace of mind, fertility

Amanzonite: power of friendship, strength, and fortitude


Size: 8oz

Wax: Coconut + Apricot wax


With gratitude to: Alice Walker, Ocatvia E. Butler, Toni Morrison, Zora Neale Hurston

She Inspires Literary Candle - Alice, Octavia, Toni, Zora



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