Delta Gown

'Tis the season to wear glamorous garments, light candles, read novels, and embrace your beautiful self. 


Meet our newest gown, Delta. She’s hand-crafted, elevated, and undemanding. Elegant sleeves, trimmed with our unique Oyster and Beebalm print turn this gown into the most effortlessly gorgeous garment. Her deep teal hues are captivating, and she’s waiting to meet her Goddess. Will it be you? 


Exclusive Oyster and Beebalm print:


Oyster reefs and beebalm plants are curious elements abundant throughout the Lowcountry. Both are known for their complex structure and magical medicinal properties. In this signature print, the oyster delivers a visual reminder to always look beyond the surface and the Spotted Beebalm is a reminder of the healing power of everyday nature.


Delta Gown