Lazaretto Flame Snuffers

Have you ever heard that it is bad luck to blow out a flame? Many traditional beliefs agree that a live flame should be extinguished with a flame snuffer only. At LowCo. Wax & Gown, we believe that extinguishing your wax recipe with a snuffer offers a ceremonial "finish" to your candle burning session while also controlling excess smoke. Each snuffer is adorned with oyster shells and sea particles found along the Lazaretto Creek area, off the coast of Tybee Island, GA. 


Lazaretto Creek was a significant point of entry for African slaves entering Georgia. Before entering the port of Savannah, slaves were quarantined at a lazaretto (Italian for pest house) on Tybee Island. By using these sea elements in our products, we strive to honor the memory and triumphant spirit of those who have come before us.  

Lazaretto Flame Snuffers


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